It’s been all good times!

Hi all!

This is going to be the last post before my graduation and summer holiday. It has been great fun! I have not regretted chosing this topic and doing the blog ever since the begining of it.

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Fridge raids – students’ secrets

Hello people!

Last week, I got inspired by the video, one of my classmates made and I decided to incorporate the “reality” and also “shock” factors in my new video. I have decided to knock on doors and raid fridges! Continue reading

Double the interviewees double the fun!

Hello people,

Today we are back with yet another Skype interview. Even more, it is a double one, as I have compiled two interviews – double the interviewees double the fun! We will be talking about food, (yes, again) restaurants, different places students eat and last but not least geek food. What is that thing – read on.

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